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If your project is built using Vue with class components, setting up Vuex from scratch may be a bit hard, because there is no ready solution is the Vuex documentation. This instruction will help you to fight this dragon: below you can find a working example of setup with explanations.

  1. First you need to install Vuex:
$ npm install vuex --save

or if you prefer yarn:

$ yarn add vuex

2. You will also need an additional package: the vuex-class-component, which not only allows you to use Vuex with class components, but also provides a pretty neat functionality called proxies…

checklist and a pen
checklist and a pen

Every developer knows about the clean code and architecture rules, and we cannot underestimate how important it is to keep the code in the project properly organized, and at the same time readable and maintainable.

The following checklist may be used both when you are about to push your own code to the repository and when you are reviewing the pull/merge request made by your colleague.

Disclaimer: this list is written in the context of the frontend development, as I’m working with the TS+Nuxt/Vue at the moment, so some rules may be not so universal.

Logic and architecture checking:

Is your code simple…

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